Who am I?

Wow! What a question. Have you ever asked yourself this question and then seriously tried to answer it? Human beings are complicated. We are multi-faceted. We are constantly changing and growing…thus the name of this site. Never done growing pretty much sums me up.

Today the “short” answer is, I am a nearly 53 year old mother of four adult children, Grammy to three beautiful and unique personalities and wife to my amazing, supportive, handsome husband of 13 years.

What image did you conjure up of me after reading that description? Our brains are constantly making assumptions based on our own experiences and perspectives. This is something that fascinates me partially because these beliefs and ideas are constantly shifting as we have new experiences and meet new people.

Heck, I can look totally different on any given day based on how I dress, how I wear my hair and whether I am wearing makeup. I am a multi-faceted human being after all. Add to that the complexity of different camera angles and I can look attractive or not so attractive!

This site is all about me…for me. If someone reads it someday, I hope it is relatable and interesting to the reader and it would be amazing if something I share has a positive impact on their life.